Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Japan trip - Osaka - Part 1

I left this post in draft form for quite sometime already and it's finally time to finish it up (well at least for the Part 1)!

I went to Tokyo before and I absolutely love this place!

This year, thanks to Air Canada's buy one get one free deal (because of Canada won gold medal in Winter Olympic, this was one of the promotions), we decided to go to Asia and Japan was one of the stop. This time, we went to Osaka and surrounding area. We had also decided that we were going to bring our baby with us as well.

We were lucky enough to get the seats with the bassinet and therefore, during the long flights, my baby were able to sleep a few times and not really too cranky overall during the flights.

We took the airport bus to our hotel as with a baby with us, we did not want to lift our luggage and stroller going up and down by taking the train. My hubby had booked the hotel right next to the airport bus stop and thus it's only 1 minute walking to the hotel after we got off.

We stayed in Osaka for a few days and we just simply browsed around the area near the hotel and then headed to other surrounding area. (To be continued)

My baby is having Diarrhea ...

My baby is having diarrhea for almost a week now. She has bowel movements at least 3 to 5 times a day. We bought her to her doctor this Tuesday and he simply said it's normal. He told me to bring her back if I found any blood in her stool or if she has stomach pain ...

I have done some research on the internet and I know that it is important to keep her hydrated and I have been feeding her as normal (breastfeeding plus rice cereal) and give her water from time to time as well ...

Hope that she will be better this weekend since it's been a week already.