Friday, September 7, 2012


Since I graduated from University, I have not been in Asia during summer time. In my memory, it's always hot and humid. This year before my mat. leave ends, I have decided to go to Hong Kong one more time. But staying in Hong Kong for 6 weeks seems a bit too long so I have planned a trip to Taipei with my parents (and of course with my two kids). My dad does not like very hectic travel schedule, so I booked a hotel which was close to Taipei's main train station so we would have easy access to a lot places. When we arrived the airport, we took the airport bus to Taipei downtown to Taipei's main train station. We simply need to go across the road from the underground path and we arrived at the hotel. Nice and easy and cheap too by taking the airport bus! We simply browsing around the Taipei area, except for one day we booked a driver and a car to bring us to the surrounding area in Taipei. The costs was about CAD$100 but the tour in total was about 10 hours and I think the price was pretty good! The good thing was that we could control the time of each place that we visited and we did not have to rush to leave. We did go to one of the night market. However, there was way too much people there and with two kids, one was sitting in the stroller, we just could not see a thing at all, we simply pushed by people from behind. One of the reasons that I love to go to Taipei with kids is that they have a lot of nursing room or diaper changing facilities available at tourist attractions or even subway washrooms. I feel more comfortable while sightseeing since I do not have to worry about searching places to change diaper should I need one.
And one more thing, if you are a big Hello Kitty fan, go to Terminal 2 of the airport, there is a Hello Kitty self-serve check-in area, Hello Kitty nursing room and Hello Kitty play area. I am sure all Hello Kitty fan would be super excited and even I am not a big fan of Hello Kitty, I was really excited too!