Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's a long flight and I am pregnant. But I have decided to take a vacation before baby no. 2 arrives since my daughter is still under two years old and I don't have to pay for her airfare. We have picked Singapore. I had been there once before I get married and the city has given me a very nice impression. People are polite (as far as I can see), great transportation system (I took subway to the hotel from the airport and it's no problem with luggages, a child and stroller), and clean. It was quite hot during day time in Singapore but in early evening, the weather was great. Since I am 6 month pregnant, so we did not have a very hectic travel schedule. We went to Orchard Street which was famous for shopping (but what I did mostly was window shopping since I found that shopping at the outlets in the States are cheaper with more variety). We also went to the zoo there and my daughter was having so much fun! It was nice to see her running around and pointing to animals! We also went to see the famous Merilion but however the main one was under maintenance. Overall, it was a great trip and hope that after baby no. 2 arrives, we will come back to visit again!