Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby's 2nd Trip - Miami

We went to Miami for 4 days last weekend. The first two and a half days were raining there and thus, we only went shopping. I realized that the baby/infant clothes are a lot cheaper in the States than in Canada. I bought quite a number of clothes for my baby and it should be good enough that she does not need to buy any more in the next 6 months.

We stayed at Fairmont Turnberry Isle Hotel and it is such a fabulous hotel that we will definitely stay there again when we go back to Miami. The baby crib was the best based on 3 other hotels which we stayed previously in different places (2 of which were Fairmonts as well).

On the third day, we went to the Adventura Mall which is next to the hotel (which my sister said was one of the top five malls in Florida). We found a lot of great toys on sale at the Toys R Us Express store (pretend play fabric food by Playskool 70% off). We bought so many of those that we needed to ask the store to give us a box so that we could pack our stuffs in the box when we were back to the hotel.

Since it stopped raining in early afternoon, we rushed back to the hotel to get change and got down to the pool. We were able to get two Cabana and this was the first time my baby dressed in bikini and kind of played inside the pool for a short little while. The pool was really really nice! It was so comfy there that my baby even fell asleep!

The next day (which was also the last day that we were in Miami) was a sunny day! We took the shuttle to the private beach and enjoyed a very short time there. It was so nice! I really love there!

Then we headed to South Beach. It was very hot and sunny. Then we had to head down to the rental car company and then to the airport.

Hope that in the next couple of years, we will be back to Miami again!

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