Sunday, October 21, 2012

I won the Grand Prize of @BurnbraeFarms Giveaway at #SCCTO!

I went to check out BurnbraeFarms' booth at #SCCTO early Saturday morning. There was a draw for some amazing swags so I gave it a try. When I gave the super cute egg scraper to the nice lady at the booth, it was upside down and I did not know what prize I would get. Then she was super excited and said "You won the Grand Prize!"

 I was super super super excited when I heard this!!!!!

When I arrived home, I told my daughter right away that I won this great prize and I have asked her to help me to open it.

She's very excited as there were many goodies in the package. There's a lot of FPCs in the prize too so that we can try out the various different products from this amazing company!

 I really want to thank @BurnbraeFarms for this super nice prize that they gave away at #SCCTO.

 You can follow them on twitter @BurnbraeFarms or check out their website at to learn more about eggs.


Mom vs. the boys said...

way to go! that looks like a fun prize!

Amy V said...

WOW!! CONGRATS! Doesn't that just make your day? :) Looks like a fun prize pack.

Tracy said...

Wow, that is very exciting. I have never heard of this company before. Maybe you could do a review of some of the products that you tried out.